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In The Summer Time When The Weather Is ... Hot ... Protect Your Skin !

The days are getting warmer and yes the time has come when a lo of us will be heading to the beach and embracing the sun.

About 6 weeks ago I had the chance to visit the Sunny Coast, and believe me there were so many people already sunbathing, and although it wasn't that hot their skin was already showing the effects of sunburn. The thing is sometimes we think that because the sun is not scorching hot it won't burn but reality is it does, and unless we protect our skin we will end up with severe sun damage it's consequences at a later time.

(As Skincare Experts we hear this all the time) The UVA and the UVB rays are very damaging for our skin, so making sure to use a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen is a must.

Remember one way or another we still get sun exposure, when we are driving/ putting washing in /out. We can't escape it so the best way to protect our skin is by adopting a good routine so here are some points to remember: 1) Use Sunscreen every day even if is cloudy

2)Re apply every 2 hours specially if you are swimming or sweating

3) Don't forget to protect your exposed areas like Face, Neck, Decollate and ears using a specific face Suncreen. They are less oily and will prevent clogging of your pores. 4) Wear a hat big enough to cover your face and neck whenever possible

5)Wear Sunglasses with 100% UV Absortion to protect your eyes

6) Spend less time in the sun

7) Wear long sleeve shirts and pants

8) Be aware photo sensitivity caused by medication, your skin will be more susceptible to burning.

9) Avoid the hours between 10 - 3 pm

10) Keep Hydrated with plenty of water.

REMEMBER PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE ! Need any advice when choosing the products that are right for you?

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