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Skin Health During COVID-19

Covid - 19 is proving to be the the source of so much angst in society from all over the world and sadly the end doesn't seem to be anywhere near .

The stress created by the uncertainty, the changes we have to make in order to accommodate for the inevitable truth of the situation we are living .

There's not denying how all this changes are playing with not only our mental well-being but also our skin health.

Ansiety is making a lot of people adopt unhealthy practices. Either too much or the lack of. Adding to that having to wear a mask to protect us is creating havoc in some people's skin. Obviously this is not discriminating anyone but of course if someone has a history of problem skin they will be the most at risk of breaking out even more. On the other hand, the sweating and luck of oxygen due to constantly wearing a mask is also affecting people with normal skin. So what to do? Unfortunately this changes are here to stay so the best t thing we can do is keep up with our daily hygiene. Making sure we don't touch our face with unwashed hands and following up a good skincare regime at home with a customized gentle skincare range. Have your skin assessed by a skin expert at least once a month so the appropriate products and treatments are carefully customized for your personal needs.

Attend in clinic advanced treatments such as LED Light Therapy to give your skin a much needed boost in this time of crisis. Blue Light Therapy is well known to inhibit bacteria, healing and also minimizing scarring. Red Light Therapy is also amazing for cell regeneration from a deeper level and overall antiageing, firming & tightening. LED Therapy is also used to treat Rosacea and broken cappillies. This and a good homecare regime will help to keep your skin needs under control.

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