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What Happens when you see an acne specialist? Regarless of products being used, when you go and see an acne specialist, the fisrt thing they will do is an in depth consultation. This is to prevent failure and hindering treatment results ! Just as when you go to a medical specialist t hey will also do an in depth consultaion to ensure you are not taking any herbal medication that interfiering and complicating your results ! Part of the consultation is also to examine the products you are using . Some you might be told to discontinue and others may be okay. The Role of the speacialist is to let you know ! Sometimes our advice of not using certaing products could be misconstruid, we will advice you on what's the best for you at the time however we are accomodative and we will work with you and your budget ! Usually we get asked what our thoughts are on products , some are great and others are not ! One thing to remember is, we all have different needs and when it comes to skincare not 1 size fits all, hence we recommend a professional assessment before commiting to a skincare regime ! Those who commit and follow our advice will get clear. If what you are using at the moment is working your skin should be clearing ! This process is followed by all professional Aestheticians ! If you find yourself struggling with a skin condition please contact us and we will help, ultimately visit www.beautyblitzfigureandbeautysalon for more information .

Skin is our passion!

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