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Our long awaited Drab to Fab has started !

This amazing package is the perfect solution for a skin in need of rescuing.
Our Drab to Fab Facial will your skin fresh again. In no time .
But wait this unbelievable deal is worth

Our Drab to Fab pAckage includes .

❤Hydrating Oxygen Facial
❤LED Therapy
PAY Only $149 !
Worth $217

Or 4 payments of $37-25 with Afterpay
Book yours now !
DM or call us on 0426 954 653

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Published by IG Beauty Blitz Logan · Yesterday at 9:11 AM · 

👋 Treat yourself to something beautiful straight after the rush of Christmas !

✅shopping has been done
✅presents have been done
✅family entertainment has been over and done !

Now is your time 👋

Book yourself in for some R&R and get you ready just in time for the new year celebrations 🎉🎉🎉

Limited Spots available on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st !
DM us or book online via our website ☝️

Beauty Blitz

Published by IG Beauty Blitz Logan · 36 mins · 

Make those beautiful eyes of yours shine bright this New Years Eve !

Book your Bright Eye Package now and get ready to party 🎉🙌🥂💥


Laser Express

Monday 9th of December  !


Say Goodbye to Sagging Skin with HIFU!

HIFU or “High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound” is a new kid on the block with non invasive cosmetic technology.

Using concentrated ultrasound energy to the face and/or neck by a handheld device, it helps stimulate the cells, resulting in tissue rejuvenation and collagen production.

The overall effect of the treatment is to promote tightening and lifting of the skin in these areas.
Call Lucie now on 0404 084 404 to book your appointment or PM to find out how HIFU can help you change your life!

We accept both Zippay and Afterpay!

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Published by Mirna Green · October 1 at 9:16 PM · 

Have you tried our amazing Non Surgical Facelift yet? If not let me tell you a little bit about it !

In this treatment we combine A cocktail of amazing serums and our one and only Mesowave. With Laser, Microcurrent and Ultrasound this is the ultimate when it comes to anti ageing treatments !

So if your skin is starting to show the signs of ageing this is the perfect treatment for you .

Would you like to know more? Contact us  and we’ll tell you more !
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Published by IG Beauty Blitz Logan · September 17 at 8:27 PM · 

✅Does your skin need some rejuvenating and hydrating?

✅Maybe is time to give it a good boost, perhaps you have tried but struggle to keep the level of hydration so is looking dull and lifeless.

✅Well, you know the good news is that you can changed this in just 1 hour.

✅During this hands on treatment we will make sure that your skin gets that Hollywood treatment it deserves without the Hollywood price.

✅Would you like to enjoy this amazing treatment for FREE ?

✅Yes 🙌 Pre pay for 5 treatments and we will give you a 6th treatment absolutely free.

✅So why not take advantage of this amazing deal and maybe even share it with a friend ?

✅Oh 😮 and to make it even easier for you we also offer AftetPay!

✅Would you like to know more ? Call us and we'll have you looking fabulous in no time 😍

0426 954 653

Heading 1

Beauty Blitz

Published by beautyblitzlogan · Yesterday at 7:31 AM · 

🔥Have you tried this amazing luxurious facial yet ? Did you know this amazing mask is an award winner due to the amazing results it provides?🔥🔥 🔥What’s more this little jewel is delivering outstanding results amongst our clients, so why not DM us and try it for yourself?🔥🔥 🔥And did you know you can AftetPay it so that you don’t miss out ? 🔥🔥 🔥So what are you waiting for? contact us and enjoy our holistic Peptide Facial now !🔥🔥 .
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Introducing our in Salon Waxing Training


* A professional Environment

* One one Professional Training with Professionals

* Unlimited Support

* 4 full days of Comprehensive Training

* Unlimited Practice on Real Clients

Want to know more?

Get in touch,

 Call us on 0426 954 653 for more information

Acne Clear 

Did you ever dream of flawless skin in your younger years ? 

Are you struggling to get your child’s skin clear? 
Maybe experiencing frustration because no matter what you have done so far hasn’t worked and instead you are finding yourself confused?

We are a team of skin care experts and have worked with this kind of concerns with outstanding results.

We know that no 2 conditions are the same and therefore they need to be approached in different ways.
So many people are affected by this kinds of conditions and unless diagnosed correctly it can go on for years and into adulthood.

So, if you have tried everything with no success, We have proven strategies that work, so let us take you by the hand and guide you, and your child to better and healthier skin.

We offer 100% full support with our in salon and home care programs and we promise, you will not go through this alone.

Flawless Skin can be a dream come true!

Payment Plans are available and students get 10% discount.
Our products are Holistic and Australian Made !

Get in touch today!

The Beds Are Warm 

The Like Zen Magnesium Massage is about to begin.
You begin with a luxurious Like Zen Magnesium and Coffee mineral and salt body scrub, removed with warm aromatherapy towels, your body starts to feel cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated..oh did I tell you and so relaxed.

The music soothes the soul the essential oils calm the nerves and the massage begins.
Slowly your muscles just release, faster than normal due to the action of the magnesium oil.

The massage oil is designed to release muscle aches and pains, reduce stress and allow your body to relax.
Your therapist is doing all the work but the oil makes your body relax, just that much more.