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 To Purchase any of these amazing Winter Deals in our online store click on the link below !

You will experience  an instant result  with just one treatment, but to achieve optimum results and keep your skin healthy and glowing we recommend a series of treatments .


We also recommend combining  microdermabrasion with LED Light treatment  for maximum  skin health and rejuvenation. Talk to us and about our LED packages available !

buy 6 save 20% Pay only $475 

Save $119 

Our long awaited advanced treatment is here !
Our Skin Needling Treatments are now available 

And as an introductory price you can secure this advanced treatment plus an LED Session for only $199

Skin Needling stimulates collagen production creating skin smoothness, reducing scarring, trestch marks and promoting rejuvenated healthy skin ! LED Stimulate rejuvenation from a deep cellular level !

Winter  time is well and truly here and now more than ever we are in need of Rejuvenation, Hydration, and Restoration.
In that order.

Bring back Hydration to your whole body with this amazing TRIO , starting with an invigorating Body Scrub to Slough away  dry skin cells. Following a warm quenching Honey & Coconut  Body wrap to replenish and restore your body moisture.
. While your Body soaks  up  the benefits of the body mask, we will  treat  your skin to a Skin Resurfacing  Enzyme Peel  to get rid of dead skin cells, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated . 

But wait to, complete this out of the world experience we have prepared a Luxurious  Hand Spa Treatment to replenish dry neglected over washed hands which we will wrap in a warm luxurious Paraffin Bath to restore moisture after so much washing ! 

By now you have been cocooned for close to 2 hours and you are ready to emerge Rejuvenated, Hydrated and Restored  !

This out of the world treatment is valued at $299  you can grab it for only $199 During the Winter  Sale !

Introducing our in Salon Waxing Training


* A professional Environment

* One one Professional Training with Professionals

* Unlimited Support

* 4 full days of Comprehensive Training

* Unlimited Practice on Real Clients

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Acne Clear 

Did you ever dream of flawless skin in your younger years ? 

Are you struggling to get your child’s skin clear? 
Maybe experiencing frustration because no matter what you have done so far hasn’t worked and instead you are finding yourself confused?

We are a team of skin care experts and have worked with this kind of concerns with outstanding results.

We know that no 2 conditions are the same and therefore they need to be approached in different ways.
So many people are affected by this kinds of conditions and unless diagnosed correctly it can go on for years and into adulthood.

So, if you have tried everything with no success, We have proven strategies that work, so let us take you by the hand and guide you, and your child to better and healthier skin.

We offer 100% full support with our in salon and home care programs and we promise, you will not go through this alone.

Flawless Skin can be a dream come true!

Payment Plans are available and students get 10% discount.
Our products are Holistic and Australian Made !

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The Beds Are Warm 

The Like Zen Magnesium Massage is about to begin.
You begin with a luxurious Like Zen Magnesium and Coffee mineral and salt body scrub, removed with warm aromatherapy towels, your body starts to feel cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated..oh did I tell you and so relaxed.

The music soothes the soul the essential oils calm the nerves and the massage begins.
Slowly your muscles just release, faster than normal due to the action of the magnesium oil.

The massage oil is designed to release muscle aches and pains, reduce stress and allow your body to relax.
Your therapist is doing all the work but the oil makes your body relax, just that much more.

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