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So what is Mesowave ?

Mesowave is a cosmetic treatment for face and body and is combination of Laser, Microcurrent and Ultrasound. This will revolutionize the way you think about stepping into your local salon.

How does Mesowave work?

With tiny impulses that mimic your skin's natural function this helps reactivate nerves, muscles and growth factors to facilitate a firmer skin and fight the signs of ageing and the dreaded gravity.

This treatment also infuses customized serums up to 1000x more than a normal topical delivery which freshens, hydrates and enliven the skin. This treatment is often an alternative to fillers and botox . How does Mesowave helps with Anti Ageing Treatments?

With settings for firming and lifting this amazing treatments are perfect for areas of concerns like eyes, neck and jowls areas, and with the use of amazing customized Serums rest assure you will be on the road to a younger, fresher and firmer looking skin from the very first treatment. If you would like to know more please feel to visit our website on

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